@ The Salon by Jennifer Louise

Facial Treatments

Here at The Salon we use Dermalogica: researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica products have challenged industry standards for product formula and results since day one. Today, they deliver

cutting-edge retail formulas that help clients get their healthiest skin.


Treatments are for men and women pre-teen and teenage skin, with expert advise from our skin care therapists we can getting your skin looking radiant!.

We will make sure you are nurtured and pampered offering you complete body wellness. Indulge yourself and let us unwrap smooth, radiant, beautiful skin .

Skin Diagnosis and Skin Care Lesson

Truly understand your skin and learn how best to treat your skin to achieve long term visible results.

20 minutes £20


Express Facial

This mini facial is ideal for those people on the go!

The skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged, a pore-refining mask is then applied followed by a veil of light moisture’s.

30 minutes £39


Dry, Deeply Dehydrated Skin Facial

This thorough facial is specialised and tailored to treat a dry, dehydrated and devitalized skin. The skin will be replenished and nourished with products rich in chamomile, azulean and squaleane hyaluronic acid, natures “fountain of youth” , will deeply hydrate and reverse the signs of aging. A rejuvenating  and cooling cream mask rich in vitamins and anti oxidants is applied followed by a rich skin care cream. 

50 minutes £49


Sensitive Skin Facial

Sensitive skin requires special care, specialised ingredients and subtle techniques. This gentle treatment mildly cleanses and exfoliates, while decongesting, defusing redness and calming irritation. A nourishing and cooling cream mask is then applied, followed by a sensitive skin care cream, designed to leave the skin feeling fresh, cool and pacified - not suitable for anyone with a honey allergy.

60 minutes £49


Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

A thorough irreplaceable deep cleansing treatment that will eliminate blackheads and congestion leaving the skin “squeaky clean” - ideal for an oily/congested skin. We recommend a course of treatments to achieve maximum results and using Pevonia skin care at home to maximise results.

60 minutes £54


Papaya Hydra Soothe Teen Facial

Ultimate post sun and post sports soothing defense! Papaya hydro soothes treatment and helps teens restore vital skin health and hydrations stripped away by their active lifestyle and greatest foe...The sun. The treatment begins with a mild exfoliation cleanse, followed by Pevonia exclusive enzyme peel, clear-o-zym superbly effective in removing deep clogging/blackhead and dead cells accumulation. This deep cleansing process is then complimented to application of an astoundingly hydrating and desensitising papaya mask containing a natural blend of skin replenishing and calming ingredients recommended for all skin types including sensitive. Although this treatment is contraindicated to seaweed and fish your therapist can tailor your treatment by using a enzymes powder mask instead.

Choose from: all skin types or blemished skin. 

60 minutes £45


Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Facial

This groundbreaking freeze-dried treatment redefines the anti-aging facial!

Infused with the first ever blend of argon and comfrey stem cells and super charged deagers collagen, retinal, elastin and other key actives it starts working from the first application visably reducing lines and wrinkle depth, it delivers a smoother skin surface with improved skin firmness and long term protection of the skins naturally repairing stem cells. The ultimate answer to age reversal - not suitable for seaweed and fish allergies.

55 minutes £130


Lumafirm Lift & Glow Eye Contour Treatment

Total care for fragile eye zone - instantly youthful eyes

Formulated with the amazing lift action complex this phenomonel treatment instantly repairs your delicate eye zone as it reduces puffyness and dark circles. An anti-ageing powerful trio of actives sorghum, kombucha, diacetyl belodine will take your eyes back in time as they firm, lift, brighten and smooth wrinkles around the delicate eye area - not suitable for fish allergies.

Can be combined with a Pevonia Express Prescriptive and Lumafirm Facials for an additional 15 minutes.

30 minutes £35 or combined with a facial for an extra £20

Carbon Laser Facial

This laser treatment is suitable for all ages (over 18) and can lighten age spots and dark spots, fade freckles, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores, and remove blackheads and acne. It can also lift and tighten the skin, improve elasticity, moisturise and give a bright and radiant complexion.

As the laser penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, it is used to stimulate collagen production, meaning firmer, more youthful looking skin. A layer of carbon paste is applied to the face, this is a revolutionary treatment that is painless with zero downtime. The laser light is highly attracted to the light particles, when the laser is passed over the skin, it destroys the carbon, taking the dead cells, contaminants and oil with it. This leaves your skin feeling amazing and glowing.

The benefits of the treatment include:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tightens dilated pores

  • Reduces acne, scars and post acne discolouration

  • Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer

  • Stimulates collagen & elastin growth

  • Improves skin texture & appearance

  • Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads

  • Improves pigmentation colour.