@ The Salon by Jennifer Louise

Tanning Services

Sienna X Tan

Manual application

Full body (45 minutes) £29

Legs (30 minutes) £18


Body Polish Salt Glow and Tan

For the best results have your body polished and tan applied professionlly to elevate lines caused from self application and have all areas evenly tanned.


Luxury Spray Tan

Spray tan professionally applied.

​We have a variety of shades to suit your skin colour requirements.



The Blu Infinity Twist Sun Bed

  • Highest levels of tanning effect in the market

  • Excellent tanning

  • Long lasting dark tan

  • Healthy looking skin

  • Produces vitamin d

  • Purifies your skin

  • Optimised level of uva

  • Perfect skin

  • Perfect tan


The Collatan Maxi Twist Sun Bed

  • Unparalleled, luxurious tan.

  • Creates a healthy glow

  • Premium tanning results

  • Rejuvenated, younger looking skin

  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Blemish free skin

  • Stimulates natural collagen

  • Helps prevent hair loss

  • Reduces wrinkles


The I-Brite Sun Bed

  • Produces vitamin d

  • Moisturises skin

  • Deep luxurious tan

  • Rejuvinates & smooths your skin

  • Helps to achieve a “healthy glow”

  • Creates “well-being”

  • Unique 4 phosphor mix


Lime Lite Twist Sun Bed

The lime lite vitamin d lamp is an effective way to build up a beautiful tan and treat anti ageing at the same time.

Whilst pigmentation is improved it also helps with dark circles and discolouration of the skin, fade freckles, liver spots and other hyper pigmentation associated with ageing. Green light therapy also helps soothe and calm the body.


Sun-bed prices

3 minutes - £3

6 minutes - £5.00

9 minutes - £7.00

12 minutes - £10.00

15 minutes - £12.00

30 minutes of time - £24 - valid for one year from purchase date

60 minutes of time - £40- valid for one year from purchase date

100 minutes of time - £60 - valid for one year from purchase date

Two week pass - £40

Unlimited per month - £57