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Hands & Nails

@ The Salon by Jennifer Louise

Hand & Nail Treatments

File and Paint

For those wanting a nail tidy and colour change in between treatments, includes massage and finish with the latest OPI nail lacquer lacquer..

15 minutes £20


Express Manicure

For those with a busy lifestyle. keep those hands and nails groomed and fashionable in between spa manicures. includes hand massage, file and paint to finish with OPI lacquer..

20 minutes £25


​Essential Manicure

The ultimate treatment for the ‘’ best dressed nails’’ when time is an issue and pampering is needed.

the essential manicure buffs and shapes the nails and cuticles trimmed, whilst the OPI luxurious avoplex moistures nourishes your hands, finish with the latest OPI nail lacquer.

30 minutes £32


Spa Manicure

Our ultimate manicure for relaxation and an immaculate finish. Nails will be buffed and shaped, cuticles trimmed, hand and arm massage and heated mittens applied for ultimate indulgence allowing the OPI luxurious Avoplex moisturiser to penetrate in the skin further and remain sealed for longer lasting results.Finished with the latest OPI nail lacquer.

50 minutes £42

• All Manicures can be upgraded to gel polish for an additional £12 charge  (Saving £13.00)   Please let us know at time of    booking .


Paraffin Conditioning Treatment for Hands

Hot paraffin​ is layered on to the hands  to provide an intense moisturising and conditioning treatment leaving the skin silky soft and hydrated. Add to any manicure for a discounted price of £10 when done together.

20 minutes £16


Gel Nail Polish 

Nail colour which stays on for 10-14 days this needs to be professionally removed and drys in an instant under UV light.Ideal for holidays or if you don’t wish to change the colour regularly colour gloss overlay applied in a manicure or pedicure nail colour applied in chosen colour and lamp cured to dry in as little as 30 seconds per coat applied leaving your nails looking like a celebrity finish !


This Gel product lasts longer than normal varnish and is non chip for up to 14 days this can be added to any hand /foot treatment.

* This can be added to any Nail Treatment or Manicure. Please let us know at time of booking.

20 minutes £25

Hands and Feet Gel Polish Package 

Finger Nails and Toes gelled in colour of choice and lamp cured to dry in as little as 30 seconds per coat applied leaving your nails looking like a celebrity finish !                                                                                                                       

This gel lacquer lasts longer than normal varnish and is non chip for up to 14 days.

Combined price £49.00.

Hand Lift Treatment                            

A New non-surgical lift for the hands, by exfoliating with alpha hydroxyl acid and followed up with natural grape seed anti-oxidant hand treatment. This process reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and will leave your hands feeling softer and looking younger. Can be added to any manicure.

15 minutes £8  *Add on only


Acrylic Nail Extensions

An advanced sculpturing acrylic system that gives your nails your desired length that are strong and natural looking, can be natural , pink or in permanent french manicure. 

90 minutes from £42             

Rebalancing 90 minutes £38


​UV Gels

For the nails that look and feel natural and are non yellowing, light and shiny.

90 minutes £42

Rebalance/Infills 30 minutes £38


Overlays to Natural Nails

Overlays to natural nails without length will add extra strength to your own natural nails while protecting them from breaking.

75 minutes £35


Removal & Tidy

Includes file of the nail, cuticle tidy and nail treatment. Please be aware that nail enhancements and natural overlay need maintenance/ infills every 2 to 3 weeks.

30 minutes £28


Nail Art

Why not add a touch of magic or glamour to your fingers and toes with nail art. Crystal and gems can be added to your design.

From £6


Prescriptive Pedicure

The ultimate treatment, when time is an issue and pampering is needed! The prescriptive pedicure provides a “celebrity” pedicure for clients that want a little more luxury without the spa element. Includes cleanse, scrub,cuticle tidy, file and shape the nails, massage and paint to finish.

45 minutes £35


Spa Pedicure

A truly luxurious experience on your feet. This prescriptive pedicure buffs and shapes the nails, cuticles and rough skin removed, feet exfoliated and brightened and massage to the feet and lower legs and placed into heated booties for the ultimate pamper session. Finish with the latest OPI Lacquer.  

60 minutes £44


Foot Clinic 

This is a tailored foot clinic for men and women who need some tender loving care to their feet. Treatments are tailored to specific needs and we are trained to treat diabetics and unruly nails.


Feet Soak, Trim and File Nails

Without nail lacquer. 

15 minutes £20


Callus Peel

A luxury, spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. The treatment is a 15 minute process through four stages: patch, wrapping, scraping and filing & moisturising.

15 minutes £22

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